JR Kyushu rail passes

(© JR Kyushu)

JR Kyushu has three main pass options: the All Kyushu Area pass covers the whole island; the Northern Kyushu Area pass covers the northern part of the island only but including Nagasaki and Kumamoto on the west side and to Oita on the east coast; the Southern Kyushu Area pass covers the area below Kumamoto on the west side and Nobeoka on the east coast.

All JR Kyushu passes are available only for Ordinary Class; there is no Green Car pass.

Non-Japanese tourists as well as Japanese who have permanent residency in another country can use these passes and they can be bought in Japan.

Prices are fixed in yen, but the charge is payable in local currency. The prices in brackets are for rough guidance only and are based on the exchange rate used at the time of research for Japan by Rail. See Updates and news for conversion equivalents in April 2017. However, the exact cost will depend on the exchange rate used by your rail pass agent at the time of purchase. It’s worth shopping around as agencies apply different exchange rates. Children aged 5 and under travel free providing they do not occupy a seat; those aged 6-11 pay half the adult rate.

For more details and a route map see JR Kyushu‘s website; for itinerary suggestions see p46 in Japan by Rail.

(© JR Kyushu)

(© JR Kyushu)

All Kyushu Area Pass

3-day     ¥15,280 (£112/$141)

5-day     ¥18,330 (£135/$169)

Northern Kyushu Area Pass

 3-day    ¥8660 (£64/$80)

 5-day    ¥10,190 (£75/$94)

Southern Kyushu Area Pass

 3-day    ¥7500 (£55/$69)

All these passes can be used for travel on Mizuho services (in the designated validity area), which the Japan Rail Pass does not permit. However, neither the All Kyushu Area nor the Northern Kyushu Area pass can be used on shinkansen services north from Hakata (Fukuoka) as they are operated by JR West. Up to 10/16 free seat reservations can be made for the 3-day/5-day passes.